Oral Surgery and the Art of Letting Go…

Yesterday, I went to the oral surgeon and had to have two teeth removed. This of course was entirely my fault and could have been TOTALLY prevented. I broke my lower back molar on the left years ago while eating a raw almond and did nothing about it and the same thing happened to the top back right molar but a year or so ago I added to the problem. I was home in California and visiting Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and NEEDED to have salt water taffy. Yeah…really needed it! Well, on my first delicious bite it stuck to my back tooth and as I opened to chew again I felt something hard in the taffy. ” What was it you ask”, OH, just a chunk of my tooth, no biggie. I think you get the point. This is not even about teeth, but can serve as a reminder if you’re reading this that you should…

1. Get regular cleanings

2. Maybe limit your intake of raw almonds ( read: candy, soda and all things that can rot teeth)

3. If you break a tooth go directly to a dentist to have it fixed, so you won’t end up like me with two missing teeth ( did I mention they were BOTH infected…EW!)

I got home last night safely with the help of my sweet husband, who not only had to deal with the biggest baby he also had to deal with our 5 month old son. We live on a 4th floor walk up. For non- New Yorkers, we had to climb up 56 steps. I woke up this morning and the last thing I really remember was telling the doctor three, when asked how many kids that I wanted before becoming unconscious and eating Velveeta Shells and Cheese so I can take my Vicodin and Antibiotic.

I have a hard time letting someone else take care of me and letting go of control of pretty much everything. Since getting married and having kids ( probably before) I have figured out how I like things done. And that goes for doing dishes, please use HOT water; mopping the floors, please fill the bucket FULL; cooking, pretty much MY way or the highway and a million other things. My husband calls me a Diva…

The new year is quickly approaching and I’ve been reading my friends posts about resolutions they are planning on tackling. I always like the idea of changing myself for the better, but as we all know, is much more difficult than just saying it out loud or writing it down on “paper”. I was crying to my husband today because I felt like I had to do everything and that he wasn’t capable of doing what I needed him to do, I realized that I felt that way because I never let him do anything. I always have to do it ALL.

Fast forward a couple hours…I have started a blog for 2012, relaxed while the hubby picked out a recipe and went shopping for the ingredient while baby napped and now as I type my boys are reading on the bed in the other room.

I’m looking forward to having a home cooked meal made entirely from scratch by the hubby while I either watch TV or read “The Paris Wife”, which I love so far. So, at least for today and hopefully a few more times during 2012 I am letting go…

Happy New Year!


2 responses to “Oral Surgery and the Art of Letting Go…

  1. Mom is behind you 100 percent. You have the gift of gab and it shows in your blog, we’ll all have a good time following along. 2012 a year of new beginnings.

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