The Kitchen- Part 1

I made my decision on what project will be on my plate this week, the dreaded kitchen! I was busy doing dishes and getting it clean to start the de-cluttering this morning and realized how much stuff I have managed to jam into my poor cupboards.

Soooo… Time to streamline the spices and toss the expired. I’m breaking it down into two weeks because I don’t think I can spend THAT much time in the kitchen and smaller goals seem to work better and produce a better outcome. I will take everything out and wash the shelves and then only put back what is still edible or usable.
My birthday surprise is tonight!! Looking forward to a night on the town with the hubby.
Happy Monday!!



2 responses to “The Kitchen- Part 1

  1. Heather, I’m also planning on decluttering our house. I’m going to start next weekend as Dan is enbarking on a new job adventure which is taking him out-of-state to work. I probably won’t see him for the first 6 months and then about once a month. This new “Tolleson” adventure will leave me with alot of free time on the weekends.

    You go girl…………….have inspired my and I can’t wait for Saturday 🙂

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