Some Like it Hot…

But I’m not one of them!!!
Took the pumpkin out for a stroll in the new umbrella stroller, seriously loving it. I can actually carry him, a purse, extra bag for grocery shopping and the stroller without feeling like I’m going to keel over when I hit the ground level.
Anyway, got some errands done and hiked back up the stairs to a sauna-like apartment. Really!?!??

It’s the bigger number, just so we’re clear. I know it’s not ridiculously hot, but I was just outside bundled up and had to climb back up the stairs, with a little more weight due to groceries and baby who was 10 min past naptime and needed a diaper change. EW!!!
Here’s the temperature outside…

Again, I know not a really cold number.
It’s just that should I have an almost 40 degree difference from outside to inside… I say NO!
I’m done complaining for now, on to making some White Turkey Chili for dinner tonight.

Happy Tuesday!!!!


One response to “Some Like it Hot…

  1. Maybe its time to turn the heater off when you leave the house? 🙂
    Are you gonna share your white turkey chili recipe? I make a white chicken chili, wondering how they differ other then the obvious of course!

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