Progress While Napping

Some may think I’m kinda hardcore with my napping schedule, myself included at times. However, it allows me to get some things done around the apartment or sit on my butt and watch something I DVR’d. 9-10 am, I get to drink hot coffee and catch up on news, this has decreased some due to the fact that every time the news is on it’s about some horrible murder, abuse to a child or animal, or Beyonce’s new baby who apparently has a new song. BLAH! Noon-2pm-ish, I get to work on the de-clutter projects, do laundry, clean apartment, write post on blog, shower/brush teeth… okay you get the picture. 4:30-5:15pm, I prepare dinner and pick up a little. These are things that allow me to enjoy the weekends with my husband and son.

Today, I got done two of the three cupboards in the project for the week and they look pretty good. I do need to plan a trip to “The Container Store” to pick up some shelving that will allow me to use vertical space (my husband is a fan of this). I showered AND got to use lotion, pretty luxurious I know and had a bowl of Cheerios for lunch. I’m going to finish this post up and make  an easy dinner for the hubby to heat up later because I’m going to have a much deserved night out on the town with a friend. We are going to have drinks and see Patti and Mandy on Broadway. See the link before for more info.

Hope you all are enjoying your day and working on your own de-clutter projects if you are doing it. I think it’s pork chops, polenta and broccoli for dinner tonight. I’ll let you know how great the show was tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!


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