It’s a quiet thing…

A Quiet Thing

When it all comes true
Just the way you’d planned
It’s funny but the bells don’t ring

It’s a quiet thing
When you hold the world
In your trembling hand
You’d think you’d hear a choir sing
It’s a quiet thing

There are no exploding fireworks
Where’s the roaring of the crowds
Maybe it’s the strange new atmosphere
Way up here among the clouds

But I don’t hear the drums
And I don’t hear the band
The sounds I’m told
Such moments bring

Happiness comes in on tip-toe
Well what’d’ya know
It’s a quiet thing
A very – quiet – thing…

From “Flora, The Red Menace”

I realized as this song came on my IPod today that I had not shared my experience with Patti and Mandy. It was amazing! There are some talented people out there, but to see these two veteran actors command the stage, was for me, a once in a lifetime moment. They still had it and to watch them move with such ease across the stage and with each other I found myself holding my breath at times. They sang a great song list, the above lyrics was just from one that brought me to tears.

I moved to New York 11 years ago to attend a musical theater school and that first day I stepped off the plane was February 14th, 2001. Of course, like most girls I loved the movie “An Affair to Remember” and “Sleepless in Seattle”, it was very fitting that the first day of school was this day and to this day I still believe that a heart lit up the Empire State Building. My first semester I heard this song and I’ve loved it ever since. My life since that day seems to have been a whirlwind though not always when it was in “real time”.

The last almost 6 months being a mommy has been the most amazing, scary, emotional, exhausting and life changing experience. The lyrics really speak to me especially when thinking of parenthood. Some of the most magical moments for me are early in the morning when I’m feeding Thomas and the only noise is the coffee brewing and when I’m rocking him and singing “Baby Mine” quietly in his ear. These are the moments I will take with me forever.
Happy Sunday!

P.S. I still have a little more work on the cupboards that I will finish today and post the final project with the new project tomorrow. But first, I will finish my coffee.


One response to “It’s a quiet thing…

  1. My father owned a restaurant in Downtown Cleveland when I was a young child and I fell in love with city life. Soon afterwards I fell in love with NYC starting at a young age watching the Macy’s Parade and Miracle on 34th Street. I started doing theater and dance about the age of 14, and I felt it deep in my bones I would live in NYC one day. I understand how your heart lit up the Empire State Building because I felt like I had come home living there.
    Things change but stay the same. You have a beautiful son now, and I am in LA. But I still watch movies with NYC and dream of a day when I am bi-coastal. Good luck on the cupboards today and enjoy Thomas and your coffee. Happy Sunday.

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