I’m was born and raised in a small beach town a couple of hours south of San Fransisco. There was one elementary school, one middle school and one high school. I still have friends that I met in Kindergarten and my parents just celebrated 40 years of marriage. Not too much happened between the years of 1993-2000…well, actually, quite a lot happened, but I think I would need much more  time and space. The biggest thing that happened that got me where I still am today is a day in April 2000. My good friend and I decided that we were going to apply for a musical theater school in New York City.We had applied and made our way up to “the city”, San Fransisco, for our audition. Long story short…we were both accepted.  I made my first trip and cross country move the same day to NYC the following February 14th, 2001, Valentines Day! A perfect day to start my love affair and sometimes absolute disgust of New York.

Almost 11 years later…I can technically call myself a “New Yorker”, but I still claim both coasts as home.

I’ve been happily married for over two years, and my baby will turn 5 months in a few days. I’m doing the “stay and home mom” job that is harder than I thought it would be, but being a mom is more amazing and fulfilling  than I  ever could have imagined. I hope to be able to share some interesting/funny stories, recipes and whatever else comes to mind.

Happy New Year! 2012




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