Pioneer Woman…You will be the death of me!

Or, at least increase the size of my butt! This woman is amazing though, and if you haven’t taken the time to try out some of her recipes please head on over NOW!

We have tried the “Corn Chowder with Chilies” AH-MAAAZING!!! Have you seen “Happy Endings”? It’s a really funny sitcom and I recommend a watch.

The “The Perfect Pot Roast” This was really easy and super flavorful. I will do this again for sure.

And the one I’m actually writing about… ” Cinnamon Rolls 101″

This is the one I think you should make immediately. I feel very strongly that you should head on over to her website and check it out. Therefore, I am only going to be posting photos of my last cinnamon roll day. I called them, “Nemo Cinnamon Rolls”. Really, you can just create any reason to make these, they are THAT good. You’re welcome.

Happy Saturday!


Hot out of the oven...delish!

Hot out of the oven…delish!


Pink explosion!

I have been busy preparing for our little girl to arrive and have neglected my blog… Obviously!
The de-clutter projects have continued in full force and I am happy to report much has left the apartment.
Bedroom closets have been switched and shelves/hooks added. I know that the hooks still look a bit messy, but imagine all that hanging on the top of the door and you will agree it’s SOOOOOO much better.


We bought the hooks/shelves at IKEA and John was able to easily install them in a couple hours. We added three to the bathroom door for guest towels/robes as well.
My favorite project has been transforming the all boy nursery into a boy/girl room… Ah, apartment living in NYC!
I found the idea on Pinterest and went from there. I had a great time picking out the perfect fabric with my momma on our trip out to Oregon in September.

I cut the fabric to fit the embroidery hoops and attached it with “Tacky Glue”. (photo 1)
It was time consuming, but worth it. I also think a glue gun would work well.




We are still anxiously awaiting her arrival. I’ll be 40 weeks tomorrow and SUPER ready to get the show on the road.
Happy Thursday!!!

Some Like it Hot…

But I’m not one of them!!!
Took the pumpkin out for a stroll in the new umbrella stroller, seriously loving it. I can actually carry him, a purse, extra bag for grocery shopping and the stroller without feeling like I’m going to keel over when I hit the ground level.
Anyway, got some errands done and hiked back up the stairs to a sauna-like apartment. Really!?!??

It’s the bigger number, just so we’re clear. I know it’s not ridiculously hot, but I was just outside bundled up and had to climb back up the stairs, with a little more weight due to groceries and baby who was 10 min past naptime and needed a diaper change. EW!!!
Here’s the temperature outside…

Again, I know not a really cold number.
It’s just that should I have an almost 40 degree difference from outside to inside… I say NO!
I’m done complaining for now, on to making some White Turkey Chili for dinner tonight.

Happy Tuesday!!!!

The Kitchen- Part 1

I made my decision on what project will be on my plate this week, the dreaded kitchen! I was busy doing dishes and getting it clean to start the de-cluttering this morning and realized how much stuff I have managed to jam into my poor cupboards.

Soooo… Time to streamline the spices and toss the expired. I’m breaking it down into two weeks because I don’t think I can spend THAT much time in the kitchen and smaller goals seem to work better and produce a better outcome. I will take everything out and wash the shelves and then only put back what is still edible or usable.
My birthday surprise is tonight!! Looking forward to a night on the town with the hubby.
Happy Monday!!


1 week down 51 to go!!!




I began the week well. I got all the purses out and was able to sell a few to the online mommy group in my neighborhood and the rest were bagged up and will be taken to the curb in the morning. I also sold a jacket on ebay. whoo hoo!!! I was very productive the first part of the week. However, the second half I was a bit lazy. I know that I have a lot of vases and I should have had a few join the curbside crew in the AM, but I like them and I’ve only been married a little over two years and I WANT them still. OK?!? OK! Moving on…

I turned… wait for it… 37 yesterday! I actually didn’t spend too much time dwelling on the number this year. I started my day having breakfast with a friend and then seeing “Breaking Dawn”… I loved it. I’ll admit it,  I’m a Twilight girl.  It was soooo nice leaving the house without a diaper bag, stroller or Ergo and baby. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my child, but it’s very rare that I get some alone time and this was much needed plus the added bonus of some girl time. Later, I met up with my two boys and did some shopping. First was a trip to Buy Buy Baby to get an umbrella stroller. We love our Bugaboo, but I need something that I can carry, along with my 15 pounder down/up the 57 steps of our NYC walk up, not to mention the 63 steps to the subway platform! I was between the Maclaren Triumph or Uppababy G-Luxe. We decided on the Uppababy in red. I chose it because they had it in the color I wanted, there was a cup holder. sun shield, it stood upright on its own and the seat had a cover that came off and could be washed ( YES, PLEASE). The salesman really was pushing the Triump because it was more durable if using for an everyday stroller, but you had to buy the extras. We strolled our way through Whole Foods, which as always is fabulous.  The day ended with a tall glass of Chardonnay and pizza. Delicious!!!!!

Today, I worked a little more in the room and got the closet to be close to empty. I can finally put more of my clothes in there now, but still have to share with cans of paint. ( I have some touch up jobs around the apartment) We did a Costco trip and came back in time to have reading time and one last bottle before bedtime for the pumpkin.

My sweet husband is currently cooking my birthday dinner while I sip wine and write this post. My birthday has been extended for the week… he has some sort of surprise up his sleeve, but I can’t get it out of him. I’ll keep you posted.

I haven’t quite decided what week two will entail, but I have a feeling the kitchen will be involved. The picture below is the after shot I took today. I do need to check what’s in those bags to the right, but I think they’re empty. Hope you enjoyed your first week of the New Year.

Happy Sunday!