The night stand and other scary places…






A lot of pictures going on, but I wanted to show you that I ACTUALLY went through all four of them. It’s soooo nice to go into a drawer that is not stuck due to it being overrun by things I haven’t worn in years. I filled up a garbage bag full of stuff and I hate to admit this… Some of it was little pieces of paper and what not (movie tickets, maps, coin currency from past adventures, and things for baby that were shoved in there while I was pregnant that he’s now too big for).

I had a much needed girls night last night. We saw “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and went to this yummy Middle Eastern place after (I love NYC). The movie ended and both of us looked at each other with a slightly perplexed expression. What!?!? I thought it was interesting, but there was a lot going on. We came to the conclusion that the movie just might have been above our heads (I’m going to have the read the book, providing there is one) and we should have seen “This Means War”.
By the looks of it, we weren’t alone.

Okay, on to the next project… Night stand!

Since having a baby, I don’t have a lot of time for reading magazines. I subscribe to two that I LOVE, Sunset and Real Simple. I love them for different reasons. Sunset, because it brings me a piece of home every month ( great recipes, getaways, wine suggestions) and Real Simple for recipes, trends, new beauty stuff etc…
The photo shows magazine filled drawers, I try to go through them and dog ear stuff I want to try… Clearly, that’s where it ends. This week I will tear out pages and organize them. Whew!
Happy Monday!


Uninvited guests and my missing ceiling…

Sorry for my week long plus absence. I’ll fill you in…

I began the work on the cubby holes and realized just how big a mess it is. We left for a few days to visit with my husband’s mom in Wisconsin¬† and visit a few friends in Chicago. We’re back, and I’m still working on them; pictures to come. Now on for the fun stuff… HA!

Currently,the background noise I’m listening to is more of my bathroom ceiling being jack hammered away and the sound of falling debris. I will, of course, update this post with a large picture once I can get in there. It seems to be that they have found the problem with the leak from our upstairs neighbor. However, there is more than one reason being thrown around and it is dependent on WHO you talk to. ” I don’t really care what the problem is people, I want it fixed”! So, I sit here waiting for them to finish, two cups of coffee into my morning…

And now we get to the uninvited guest part. I grew up where you called people before stopping by. You did not stop by unannounced and I feel like this was the norm with my friends. I think it’s rude. You don’t know what people are doing or wearing and frankly, they just may not want to see you at the door. My husband on the other hand grew up with the exact opposite, which is fine. Now, there are always exceptions for surprises; friends coming into town to visit, romantic gestures, and emergencies. And then, you have friends that are always welcome at any time of the day. These friends that I speak of, KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt who they are and frankly, they would still probably call in advance. This has been a discussion a few times over the years, but recently was brought up again with all the problems of the ceiling. The woman upstairs who is running a hostel for students and lies about it as well as the super of the building think it’s fine to ring the doorbell at all hours. I open the door, baby in one hand and a bottle in the other hand standing in my nightgown (this happened three times over an hour time). How hard is it to pick up the phone, or text me, it’s 2012 people! I just don’t understand it, we are not in college, living in a dorm room; we are adults living in a big city in an apartment that is our home. My opinion of this may change if we moved back to California and lived in a small beach town and one of my best friends lived five houses down (this is a possibility and I dream of it often). Until then, I stand by my statement.

Happy Friday!

P.S. I’ll let you know what the next de-clutter project is very soon. I still need to finish the cubbies. :o)

Progress While Napping

Some may think I’m kinda hardcore with my napping schedule, myself included at times. However, it allows me to get some things done around the apartment or sit on my butt and watch something I DVR’d. 9-10 am, I get to drink hot coffee and catch up on news, this has decreased some due to the fact that every time the news is on it’s about some horrible murder, abuse to a child or animal, or Beyonce’s new baby who apparently has a new song. BLAH! Noon-2pm-ish, I get to work on the de-clutter projects, do laundry, clean apartment, write post on blog, shower/brush teeth… okay you get the picture. 4:30-5:15pm, I prepare dinner and pick up a little. These are things that allow me to enjoy the weekends with my husband and son.

Today, I got done two of the three cupboards in the project for the week and they look pretty good. I do need to plan a trip to “The Container Store” to pick up some shelving that will allow me to use vertical space (my husband is a fan of this). I showered AND got to use lotion, pretty luxurious I know and had a bowl of Cheerios for lunch. I’m going to finish this post up and make¬† an easy dinner for the hubby to heat up later because I’m going to have a much deserved night out on the town with a friend. We are going to have drinks and see Patti and Mandy on Broadway. See the link before for more info.

Hope you all are enjoying your day and working on your own de-clutter projects if you are doing it. I think it’s pork chops, polenta and broccoli for dinner tonight. I’ll let you know how great the show was tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!

The Kitchen- Part 1

I made my decision on what project will be on my plate this week, the dreaded kitchen! I was busy doing dishes and getting it clean to start the de-cluttering this morning and realized how much stuff I have managed to jam into my poor cupboards.

Soooo… Time to streamline the spices and toss the expired. I’m breaking it down into two weeks because I don’t think I can spend THAT much time in the kitchen and smaller goals seem to work better and produce a better outcome. I will take everything out and wash the shelves and then only put back what is still edible or usable.
My birthday surprise is tonight!! Looking forward to a night on the town with the hubby.
Happy Monday!!