The night stand and other scary places…






A lot of pictures going on, but I wanted to show you that I ACTUALLY went through all four of them. It’s soooo nice to go into a drawer that is not stuck due to it being overrun by things I haven’t worn in years. I filled up a garbage bag full of stuff and I hate to admit this… Some of it was little pieces of paper and what not (movie tickets, maps, coin currency from past adventures, and things for baby that were shoved in there while I was pregnant that he’s now too big for).

I had a much needed girls night last night. We saw “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and went to this yummy Middle Eastern place after (I love NYC). The movie ended and both of us looked at each other with a slightly perplexed expression. What!?!? I thought it was interesting, but there was a lot going on. We came to the conclusion that the movie just might have been above our heads (I’m going to have the read the book, providing there is one) and we should have seen “This Means War”.
By the looks of it, we weren’t alone.

Okay, on to the next project… Night stand!

Since having a baby, I don’t have a lot of time for reading magazines. I subscribe to two that I LOVE, Sunset and Real Simple. I love them for different reasons. Sunset, because it brings me a piece of home every month ( great recipes, getaways, wine suggestions) and Real Simple for recipes, trends, new beauty stuff etc…
The photo shows magazine filled drawers, I try to go through them and dog ear stuff I want to try… Clearly, that’s where it ends. This week I will tear out pages and organize them. Whew!
Happy Monday!


Cubby madness!


This de-clutter project is getting serious… I’ve moved to the giant cubby filled bookshelf we have in the nursery that separates the office from the nursery/guest room.
It is filled with crafts, books, toys, baby shoes, baby clothes,stuff that should have been thrown away years ago, and books that I have out for guests to read( why I’m trying to pretend we’re a cute little bed and breakfast I will never know).
I started the project yesterday to get a jump start since we leave for WI for a few days on Wednesday. Thomas is growing out of clothes lengthwise, but still can wear 3 month around the waist (long and lean baby). I have NO idea where he gets that from.
Anyway, out with the high waters and in with the pants around his knees! He may have to wear overalls until further notice.
So, his dresser is once again organized and the clear tubs are filled and ready for storage. I’m keeping everything until we have baby number 2 and know what we are having. I’m pretty sure we’ll be a two boy house, but you never know.
Tomorrow I’ll begin to tackle the cubbies and hope to throw out quite a bit. I’ll post some pictures of the madness.
Happy Monday!

***Just to clarify, we are not pregnant yet :0)



Soooo… I ended up receiving my de-clutter project for the week by way of a mini-disaster. It’s been an issue in our bathroom for a couple months. Our upstairs neighborhood who doesn’t live there but says she does and has students moving in and out almost as quickly as a motel that rents by the hour has a shower door that doesn’t seal when closed so when people shower it leaks. Should be a no- brainer right!?!?…. Wrong!
Anyway, long story a little shorter she came down today because once again it was leaking on my poor mat and I was done.
The above picture should explain most of the problem except you can’t see the thick layer of very fine dust that had landed over EVERYTHING! I spent about 2 hours so far cleaning and (here’s where the de-clutter project comes in) getting rid of stuff. I have about 2-3 hours left, but that will have to wait till morning. Thomas just went to bed, thanks to my amazing hubby and I’m going to enjoy my sprite zero and a bag of Bugles while deciding what movie we are going to rent from on-demand.
Happy Monday to me!!

Some Like it Hot…

But I’m not one of them!!!
Took the pumpkin out for a stroll in the new umbrella stroller, seriously loving it. I can actually carry him, a purse, extra bag for grocery shopping and the stroller without feeling like I’m going to keel over when I hit the ground level.
Anyway, got some errands done and hiked back up the stairs to a sauna-like apartment. Really!?!??

It’s the bigger number, just so we’re clear. I know it’s not ridiculously hot, but I was just outside bundled up and had to climb back up the stairs, with a little more weight due to groceries and baby who was 10 min past naptime and needed a diaper change. EW!!!
Here’s the temperature outside…

Again, I know not a really cold number.
It’s just that should I have an almost 40 degree difference from outside to inside… I say NO!
I’m done complaining for now, on to making some White Turkey Chili for dinner tonight.

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Meatloaf and Purses


Good Morning!
Week One of my de-clutter project is well on its way. I opened the closet and was met with some resistance… my purses were not liking the idea of leaving. They have been with me for awhile, but lately or really the last two years they have been neglected so I thought it’s time for them to have a more loving home. I’m keeping a few favorites and the rest must go.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress and with a photo on Sunday of the finished project. Having a baby makes things take twice as long, but I think he’s at least entertained by the piles of brightly colored items coming out of the closet.

You may have noticed the picture of the meatloaf above. I decided to use some of the ground turkey we had on hand so I could make sandwiches for the hubby for work. Here’s the recipe!
Happy Wednesday!

Turkey Meatloaf
1lb ground turkey
1 egg
1/4 c. parmesan cheese
1 c. bread crumbs* or
Oatmeal(not instant)
1 T. Worcestershire Sauce
1 t. salt and pepper
1/4 c. ketchup (I eyeballed this)
Handful of flat leaf parsley, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced or crushed
1 small onion or shallot**, chopped fine

Mix all together in a bowl, I use my hands
Preheat oven 350
Bake for about 1 hr

* I used Panko this time, but usually use oatmeal.
** Shallots are amazing and I use them often. If you haven’t tried one, do it! They are purple-ish in color and will change your life.